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As a result we own a fleet of ships which ranges from 33 feet to 85 feet sports. First of all all the sailing and water sport ase well to accommodate a small group. Also desirous for private ambiance or a bigger group looking for lively and interactive atmosphere. Another for whatever the upcoming event you have including:

Birthday Celebration or Engagement Party.
Celebration of Marriage Anniversary.
Friend’s Reunion or Family Get-Together.
Fun-filled water sport adventure with your fellows.
Corporate Business Meeting or any other event.

Furthermore we specialize in arranging for all such events. Finally the trip starts from any port in worldwide and enjoy.


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  • 24 hours reservation and helpline.
  • Rent of 365 days per years.
  • Best competitive prices with high quality service.
  • Choice of time and duration round the clock.
  • With skipper or without skipper.
  • Additional services like five star catering, party decoration and Cake of choice.
  • Luxury yacht for party.
  • Free Pickup and drop-off from hotel in a lot of boats.
  • A ride on a world-class yacht charter with full safety arrangement.
  • Services from experienced and friendly captain and crew.
  • Electric griller and complimentary assistance by crew for grilling.
  • Fully equipped kitchen complimentary tea, coffee.
  • Full insurance for everyone on board.
  • Enjoy with Scuba diving, Flyboard, Kitesurf, Surf, Snorkel, Kayaking, Kite boarding and Jet Ski.


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Hence booksailing is an ISO 9001:2008 certified sailing Rental Company with firm commitment to. Because deliver excellent products coupled with top quality services for the visitors and residents of worldwide who are looking to hire. So booksailing is a very competitive business and Booksailing maintains the status of a trusted source as a best rental company in Spain.

Due to best charter in worldwide from Booksailing guarantees your life lasting memorable time. For the reason that we facilitate and encourage our guests to visit our boats in Booksailing even before you hire it.

Consequently booksailing recognizes that we serves the guests from all parts of globe which have different needs in terms of their preferences and perspective. Similarly with massive experience and rich exposure of well over 10 years, we promise to cater all needs of guests who rent a boat in Booksailing. Likewise we offer best sailing, sailboat, catamaran, motorboat rental Booksailing Packages which offer affordable rates while ensuring best quality service. Rather you can sailboat for rent, catamaran rental and sailing rental for enjoy your holidays. While yacht boat, charter, yachts and yachting, yacht boat, charter boat, catamaran, rental, hire. In contrast you can buy products here.

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