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b In the Caribbean you can expect a vacation world during hot weather, with perfect beaches, dozens of places to explore, glorious seas, clean blue skies, majestic landscapes, fine food, luxurious accommodations … all under the moderate heat of the Caribbean sun.

The countries and islands around the Caribbean have always kept their arms wide open to receive their visitors, and since time immemorial they have been an obligatory stop or shelter that receives with generosity and detachment anyone who arrives to its ports and inlets . They are the islands of absences and wants, where nobody leaves without visiting at least one and take an unforgettable memory.

The Caribbean islands are divided into two major groups: the Greater Antilles, constituted by Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, and the Lesser Antilles, which extend by describing an arch from Puerto Rico to the north-east coast of South America; Including the Virgin Islands, the Windward Islands (including Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago) and the islands of Sotavento, an island group to which the Netherlands Antilles and the twelve Venezuelan islands and archipelagos belonging to the Federal Dependencies belong.

Each of them offers an incomparable tropical sun and human warmth for a while, as well as a multi-colored beam with areas of green leafy and others of xerophytic vegetation and semi-arid climate, with kilometers beaches and a majestic eternal blue sea, places Solitary, pulsating cities and towns rooted in the most genuine tradition. These are just some of the aspects that distinguish each of the Caribbean areas.

On the other hand, its inhabitants are hospitable people, cheerful, bustling and with a solidarity that overwhelms, of fast talking and sprinkled with mischief that has conquered all who visit this land of grace.

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