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b To enter Central America means to soak up exoticism, smiles and immerse yourself in the great diversity of tourist and cultural activities offered by the countries of the isthmus.

A region where you can discover the mysteries of an ancestral culture that still survives. Places like Ceren’s Jewels in El Salvador, Tikal in Guatemala and Copán in Honduras, will allow you to travel in time and learn about their cities, discover the meaning of the famous ball game or where they performed Mayan rituals.

In addition to discovering the 25 indigenous groups that dazzle with the intense colors of their craft-embroidered fabrics and the catchy rhythm of Garífuna dances (mix of the Caribbean race and the black race), you will enjoy the beauty of the legacies of The colonial era touring León and Granada, in Nicaragua, the city where Ruben Darío was born and inspired, as well as the magnificent architecture of Antigua, Guatemala or the Old Quarter of Panama.

This cultural experience can be combined with one of the great attractions of the region: pristine beaches, spectacular pictures of crystal clear waters, fine white sand and water sports that bathe the Caribbean coast and hide between its depths the second longest coral barrier Of the planet. On the other side, the beaches of the Pacific are ideal places for surfing and sport fishing.

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