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b The watercraft, jet ski or personal watercraft (PWC) are a type of light craft with a driving system similar to that of a conventional motorcycle. The main difference of watercraft with other types of boat is that they do not use external propeller, but internal, since they are propelled by turbine.

We can find two types – recreational or sports – and in two modes – ski ski (single-seat) or runabout (multi-seat). There are great variety of powers, from 50 hp up to 350 hp and jets of up to 163 hp. The watercraft can be single-seat (known as Jets), bi-squares, tri-squares and even quad-seat.

Jet ski have recently been rated the most eco-friendly powerboat. Its turbine propulsion system performs a process of oxygenation of the water. In addition the new generation “4 Times” of jet skis are very quiet. Biomarine and environmental studies were the pioneers in this type of studies. The project was led by Lauren Caire, assuring that “the presence of jet ski make our waters well purifying and oxygenating the seas and stagnant waters”.

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