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b Kitesurfing (sometimes also called kiteboarding, or flysurfing) is a skidding sport consisting of the use of a kite, which pulls the kiter by four or five lines, Two fixed to the (steering) rod, and the two or three remaining (power) pass through the center of the bar and are attached to the body by a harness, allowing to slide on the water using a board or a ski Wakeboard Designed for this purpose.

Various modalities can be practiced; Jumps and maneuvers (freestyle), race between buoys (race) and surf in waves (surfkite).

The basic equipment of kitesurf consists of:

Steering bar
4 or 5 lines (ropes to hold the kite)
Leash, safety line from harness to bar

And optionally it can include elements of security and comfort like:

Life jacket (floatation or impact)
Neoprene and suede outfit
Sand buggy
Off road skateboard

It is also useful to have tools that allow you to consult the speed and direction of the wind.

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