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b The Pacific is the largest ocean on earth extending over 15,000 kilometers south of the Tropic of Cancer. This stretch welcomes some of the most beautiful islands in the world, both for a few days of relaxation on its paradisiac beaches, for diving, visit its volcanic areas or stroll through its natural landscapes. These are the ten that most fuck us, and yours?

The islands are often classified in high islands and low islands. Regarding their orogenesis, habitability and fertility, the volcanoes create the first that usually allow more inhabitants and their soil is more feraz. The low islands are usually relatively small and sterile reefs or atolls. Melanesia, of the three most populated, is composed mostly of high islands, while Micronesia and Polynesia are low islands.

In addition, there are more archipelagos and islands at the edges of this ocean that are not usually considered part of Oceania: the Galapagos (Ecuador), the Aleutian Islands (Alaska, USA), Sakhalin and Kuriles (Russia, disputed), Taiwan Republic of China, Peoples Republic of China, in dispute), Philippines; Islands of the South China Sea (China); The majority of Indonesia and Japan (including the Ryukyu Islands). The inhabitants of these islands do not consider themselves Pacific islanders but identify with the nations of the nearest continent.

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