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b Whale shark, the largest fish in the world, is among the species most wanted by many divers (not divers because in many places it is not necessary to obtain a diving title to snorkel with these giants).

He is also one of the most enigmatic sharks and of which, although it seems a lie, little is known: they are not certain about their patterns or type of reproduction. Although in some of these areas that you will see in continuation it is common to see them always requires a component of luck to find them, no one can assure to 100% that you are going to fulfill your dream of dive with the whale shark.

The marine park of Ningaloo Reef has an overwhelming diversity, especially you take into account its small size: 270 species of coral, 500 fish, sea turtles, dugongs or manta rays are some of the jewels of this reef … and of course , Whale sharks. Approximately 85% of the whale sharks observed in Ningaloo Reef are young males approaching the vicinity of the reef coinciding with massive massive coral spawning.

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