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b We will find such a rich variety of landscapes that we could say that it is the most dazzling subcontinent in terms of its kilometer-to-kilometer beauty: from the most extensive rainforests to snowy mountain peaks that sweep across the sky for thousands of kilometers, millennial glaciers , Waterfalls and waterfalls of all shapes, heights and sizes, the most arid desert on the planet, and a collection of landscapes that look like another planet in the highlands.

South America can display 40 natural wonders, and at the same time, stay too short with the listing. Sure can add more wonders to add in comments, which we will add. Starting with the shared landscapes, the list is organized by country in strict alphabetical order.

America is undoubtedly one of the most “friendly” macro-regions for international tourism and the second most improved since the last edition of the report, behind the Asia-Pacific region.

Although part of the explanation for the good health of the sector is due to the richness of natural resources of the continent, the World Economic Forum (WEF) highlights the great differences that exist between countries.

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