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b Touring Southeast Asia is one of the trips dreamed by backpackers and great travelers of all time. Exotic and tropical, welcoming, spiritual and loaded with history, are only a dozen countries but they enclose thousands of different worlds to discover. These are just 20 of the must-see stops on this great trip: from tourist destinations like Bali to unexplored jungles in Borneo, breathtaking temples in Angkor, endless rice paddies in the Philippines, colonial corners, new cities with futuristic vocations or practically unspoilt diving paradises.

In recent years, Southeast Asia has become a very popular destination among travelers from around the world. The pictures of beaches with white sands, turquoise waters and palm trees full of coconuts tempt millions of tourists every year, who do not hesitate to throw their knapsack on their shoulders to enjoy a great backpacking experience.

However, once the plan has been decided, the majority has a big dilemma: “Which country do I choose?”

And it is that Southeast Asia is made up of ten countries, each one very different from the others. Each one with its attractions, its landscapes and its traditions, with its more or less rudimentary transports, with their stereotypes and their realities. But above all, with a unique character and essence.

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