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A s is well known, water is vital for human survival, but not only its consumption is the cause of all the benefits it brings. And is that swimming is a fundamental complement to trigger both physical and mental improvements.

This practice has always been part of our history, because far from sporting activity, the domain of water has been the great challenge pursued by ancient civilizations. For example, in Greece and Rome, swimming was part of military training and, in addition, it granted a social distinction among the rest of the population. For the Egyptians, swimming was part of education. In fact, these reflected the importance on the knowledge of the therapeutic properties of water in its millenarian hieroglyphics.

However, all this changed when, during the Middle Ages, in Europe the thought spread that water was the main carrier of diseases and that, even the mere introduction into it, could transmit epidemics.

It was not until the end of the 18th century that it was instituted as a competitive sport. The first organization of its kind was born in Great Britain in 1837 under the name of the National Swimming Society. From this moment, different groups were created, such as the Metropolitan Swimming Clubs Association, which later became known as the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). In 1908, with the representation of 8 federations of different nationalities, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) was founded. His work consisted basically in the regularization of this sport and in the periodic organization of events and competitions that are still valid today.

Since then, swimming has grown as a professional sport, as well as activity for a healthy life. The physical benefits of swimming are evident in athletes, what we call the “swimmer’s body”. However, there is a feature that most swimmers (both professionals and amateurs) have and we can not appreciate at a glance: the health of the brain. In this gallery, we review the most outstanding.

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