b Times have changed, and technologies too, so we leave you with our top 5 apps to navigate without having to suffer with the typical `vintage` maps. Take note.



5. Boat Beacon

For payment (€ 7.99 – € 9.99). For Android and IOS

It allows you to know your position and that of nearby boats in real time, to avoid collisions and other dangerous situations. It works in the background so you can give other uses to your Smartphone and stay protected.
















4. BoatBook Sailing Log

Free For Android and IOS

This App offers you a logbook inside your Smartphone. Record the route you make and save it so you can check it later. It offers you forecasts for the itinerary you plan to do, informs you of your position and speed, and allows you to orient yourself.



3. Useful Knots

Free For Android

Useful Knots is a complete guide to the knots you may need if you browse. It offers graphics for you to learn how to make them and a description of their typology and their use.



2. My Tide Times

Free For Android  and  IOS

It is the one chosen to give you the necessary information about the tides. Besides giving you the weather forecast, you can know the amplitude and the hourly forecast of the tides in more than 30 countries. It also provides information on marine currents in the United States and Canada.



1. Navionics HD

Navionics is the most demanded cartography software in the world. It has had a great evolution since its origin, and can be used from anywhere on the ship. Its HD version has the possibility of integration with Google Earth, with data on meteorology, and services near the location. Its use is simple.


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