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b The kayak is a canoe variety of one, two or four crew whose use is mainly sport. In their origin they were of a single crewman and they were used to fish and to hunt. The crewmember or paddler accommodates seated and oriented towards the forward, unlike rowing boats, and propels the boat with a shovel or scoop double blade that does not need support on the hull.

It is a long boat (length) and narrow (mango). In its traditional designs it is a closed deck, only open in the “bath” where the paddlers are located. There are now so many designs and variants as potential uses, but generally may be considered a small craft in relation to other sometimes extremely hydrodynamic design and in other cases of compact and maneuverable design. Given its characteristics kayaks can be used in calm waters (rivers, reservoirs, lakes or pools), whitewater (mountain rivers or canals whitewater) and at sea (including offshore). Such a variety of uses translates into a lot of models: Track and rafting, whitewater, extreme kayaking, rodeo, kayaks surfing, sea kayaking, kayak-polo and recreation, among others.

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