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What is booksailing.com?

Booksailing.com is the world’s leading online boat rental markeplace that makes renting a boat for your next sailing holiday a breeze. Whether you’re new to sailing or a well-seasoned seafarer, Booksailing makes boat holidays accessible and easy to organise for everyone. With Booksailing, booking a boat in your hometown or abroad is as simple as reserving a hotel online. You’ll be supported every step of the way with the help of our sales associates who will help you find the perfect boat for your trip. You won’t have to pay any booking fees and will avoid the hassle of contacting several companies and charters.

So if  you are looking to escape to a tropical paradise, seeking luxury and style or planning to explore the world’s best party islands, Booksailing helps you experience a boat holiday in a way that suits you best.

How do I book a boat?

Select your destination and browse through our selection of sailboats, catamarans, water sport, yachts and motorboats available in different countries around the world. When you see the product by placing the mouse over you will read more and clicks and you go to the product page where you leave to make the booking. Once you’ve chosen your boat and entered your check-in and check-out dates, you can click on “Book now”, which allows you to quickly reserve and pay for your boat, you only pay the 20% and the rest you will pay on the day of boarding.

Alternatively, you can get assistance from our team of experts who will help you find the best boat at a competitive price. Simply click on “Contact us” and fill-out the short form and our team will be in touch with a great offer for you. This service is free of charge.

What currencies does Booksailing accept?

All currencies. Soon we will be accepting other currencies too.

I have a question and want to speak to a human.

Please email us at info@booksailing.com

FAQ for Holidaymakers

Can I message the charter company before booking a boat?

Yes, simply send us a request and one of our team members will put you in contact with the charter.

How do I know where the boat is located?

You can check where boats are and see information about the location on the Boat’s Listing Page where you’ll find a map of the marina.

How much time does the charter have to respond after I make a booking request?

The charter has 24 hours to accept or reject your booking.

When will I receive the charter’s contact details?

You will receive the charter’s details after the Charter confirms the booking.

Where can I see my booking details?

Log in my account, click on your name in the right hand corner and select to access.

When can I check-in to my boat?

The check-in-/check-out times are usually stated on the Boat Listing Page. Message the charter directly for more details about check-in and checkout procedures.

What do I need to do when the number of people in my group changes after the booking is made?

The number of guests should not exceed the maximum capacity of the boat (you can find this number in the boats). If the number of guests exceeds the maximum capacity, please contact us at info@booksailing.com.

Can rental prices change?

Yes, as with hotels, boat prices very much depend on the time of the year, demand for the boat and discounts offered by the charters. Contact our team to discover the optimum booking times for your chosen destination.

Can I write a review of my holiday?

We’d love to hear from you – we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our services. After you checkout from the boat, you will receive a request via email asking you to review the trip. You also have the opportunity to post your reviews on our social platform media platforms.

What boat license will I need for my trip?

To rent a boat in most countries, you will need an internationally recognised license (ICC, Radio License, CEVNI). If you do not have a license, we offer the possibility of booking a skipper with all our boat rentals, allowing you to relax and enjoy your seafaring holiday while the skipper does the hard work for you. For more information about boat licenses and skippers.

What additional costs can I expect?

Every boat listing offers information on additional costs that may occur. When planning your trip, you should consider the costs of: crew and staff, cleaning, visas, fuel, taxes, and additional fees at the port such as mooring and parking fees, disposal costs and the rental of extra equipment. It should be noted that fuel charges and marina fees are not included in the price. You may also choose to add a skipper for an additional daily fee.

What is a Transit Log?

The transit log is a standard fee that covers the taxes and license fees payable at the marina directly to the charter company. It is a fee that varies depending on the boat, the charter company as well as the country, and must be paid no matter which charter agency you choose.

What is a Tourist Tax?

The Tourist Tax is a tax that certain municipalities or regions charge tourists which serves as a contribution towards the maintenance of local facilities. It is normally a small, daily charge that is stated per person per day (for example, €1 EUR per person and per day) and is paid at the marina to the charter company. The amount will differ by country.


What payment methods do you offer?

The payment method are offered by Paypal.

When will I receive a booking confirmation?

You will receive a booking confirmation with your reference number immediately upon booking. The charter will then send you a contract with the details of your trip.

Will I have to pay for any extras?

Each boat listing has a list of included services/extras (i.e. cleaning fees etc.). You may choose to add a skipper and the booking price will immediately update to include this charge. Fuel charges and marina fees are not included in the price.

What is the purpose of the deposit?

The deposit is pre-authorised on your credit card when you arrive at the marina to pick up your boat, and it is returned back on the card at the end of the trip  as long as the boat has passed inspection.



I want to cancel my booking.

Please contact the charter company that you booked with. Otherwise give our customer services a call or email and we will help you handle it. You can cancel at any time but up to a month before the booking, you are given back the 20% that you paid on the web but after this month the 20% is no longer returned and it is the money you lose.

FAQ for Charters

Is it free to list my boats?

Yes, it is completely free!

How can I add my fleet/boat to the website?

The procedure is really simple. Please email us at info@booksailing.com and one of our Boat Acquisition Associates will get back to you shortly with instructions.

From which countries can charters/boat owners add their boats to the website?

Boats from anywhere in the world can be added to the website.

What does my Booksailing account allow me to do?

In your account you have a boat management tool which lets you add boats, manage bookings, add details, add/remove photos, update boat availability, provide payment details, set prices, define cancellation policies and see an overview of all payments including already paid and outstanding payments.

What should I do when I receive a booking request?

Both questions and booking requests from customers should be answered as quickly as possible. You have 24 hours to reject or accept any booking.

How much time do I have to reply to a booking request?

24 hours.

Can I reject bookings?

Yes, if the boat is not available feel free to reject a request and update your calendar accordingly.

Can guests cancel their bookings?

Yes, guests can cancel their booking at any time, but are subject to your cancellation policy. Once the booking has been cancelled it will be available for booking on our website again.

Do we have to answer all requests?

It is imperative to answer all customer requests. Giving fast and good responses will help increase your bookings.

Why is my boat not appearing in search results?

It might be that the boat listing is not complete. For assistance please contact info@booksailing.com

Where can I see my bookings?

Login to your account and then click on your name (top right hand of the page) to access your Dashboard and an overview of your Bookings.

How can I increase the number of bookings I receive through Booksailing?

Keeping the boat listings in perfect condition, providing nice photos, writing descriptions, making sure your calendar and pricing are updated, and responding quickly to clients will help drive sales.  Booksailing has an editorial team that will assist you in making sure your listings look amazing.

Can I promote our boats on other rental platforms and social media?

Yes, absolutely.

Why does Booksailing need my bank details?

Our payments are made through the website so we need your payment details in order to transfer the money to you immediately.

What does ‘minimum stay’ mean?

This is the minimum number of days your guests can rent your boats. The more flexible you are, the more bookings you will get!

How can I get good reviews?

We encourage all our customers to write reviews about their experience. Giving a good customer service will ensure that guests write good reviews and this, in return, will help your boats get more bookings.


When do I receive the payment?

The client has two payment options. The chosen payment method will be stated in the booking request (credit card, bank transfer, instalments or single payment). In the case of credit card payment: The payment will be transferred to you immediately after you accept the booking request (it might take a couple of days to arrive). In the case of bank transfer: the guest has 5 days to make the payment.

Can I specify my preferred payment method?

You need to look at it with the company that rents the boat.

What is the deadline for paying via bank transfer?

You need to ask booksailing.

If a client chooses to pay in 2 instalments – when is the deadline for the payment of the second instalment?

You need to look at it with the company that rents the boat.

How are security deposits handled?

For now, that is something that you should do directly with the client (we do not keep deposits and they shouldn’t be included in the booking price that the client is paying on our site!). Please be sure to state clearly the relevant security deposit that the client needs to pay upon arrival.

What currencies do you support?

At the moment you can choose to receive payments in EUR or POUNDS. Soon, we will be accepting other currencies too!

Any other questions?

Please send email us at info@booksailing.com