In the nautical market offers a great variety of boat ropes for different uses, knowing which is the right in each function and how to protect them is essential to save money, protect your boat and improve its performance.

They receive the name of cuerdas, between the seafaring people, the ropes or ropes that are taken aboard the ship (As chascarrillo, on board the only rope is the one of the watch). Parts of a nautical cable. The parts of a corporal are the firm, the breast and the whip.

The whip, is the name with which is known to the end of a corporal, the rest of the same is known as firm. Any bow or curvature forming a cape is known as Sine, and the mooring of a cape to an object is known as a return.

The gaza is the kind of loop or circle that forms at the end of a rope, bending the whip and attaching it to the same end by means of a tie or seam. It is used to attach something to it or to encapillarla in a certain part, like a Noray.

In the past, different types of natural fibers were used in all on-board functions, such as cotton, linen, sisal, hemp, etc. They were attached to masts, sails and used for mooring. The discovery of different synthetic fibers made the natural fibers disappear on board the ships.

The type of cable is not only differentiated by its material, which we will analyze later, but also by its construction.

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