The steering wheel is the modern method of adjusting the angle of the rudder with respect to the creaking line, thus changing the course of the boat. It consists of a wheel that moves the rudder through pulleys and cables. It is also called simply “rudder”, which includes the rest of the steering mechanism or “cane”, referring to the classic rudder.

The first boats with a steering wheel (c.1700) worked in correspondence to the movement of the classic cane, with a movement towards the right (that corresponded to a movement of the cane towards the right) turning therefore the rudder of the ship towards port , Causing the ship to turn to port.

Finally, the direction of control of the wheel was reversed to make it more consistent with the action of the steering wheel of a motor vehicle, operating as follows (even if it is “wheel” the term “cane” is still used).

The wheel is usually connected to a mechanical, electrical or hydraulic servo system. The design of the steering wheel probably influenced the steering wheel of the current car.

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