The luxury sailboats is a traditional boat equipped with canopies and rigging suitable for sailing propelled by the wind. Among these popular mast boats are the schooners, brics (brigantine type with square sails, in addition to the mesana, which has sails aligned proa-stern), frigates and brigantines.

Traditional rigging of this type of boat may include square sails and saucers with separate mast and gavia. These rigging are usually more complex than those found in modern sailing ships, which use contemporary materials such as aluminum and steel that allow them to have higher and lighter masts with less but more versatile sails.

The term mast sailboat was popularized from the second half of the twentieth century with the development of the intentional careers of tall ships’ races organized by the non-profit organization Sail Training International Of Formation Sailing).

The Sail Training International (STI) includes in the definition of tall ship sailing ship (Tall Ship) to any sailboat of more than 9.14m.) Of length. This definition may include many modern yachts, so for purposes of this article, tall masted sailboats refer only to those classified as class B or higher: classic rigged sailboats, cross rigged sailboats and all sailboats Of more than 40 meters in total length.

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